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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Gingernut Biscuits and Painting.

Gingernut Biscuits
They look much more delicious in real life than in this photo. It's a bit overcast today, perhaps that's why they look so insipid in this photo. I was madly sewing away on my Kate Spain "Good Fortune" quilt today when I felt the need for sustenance of a sweet, crunchy type. (And a hot milo.) So I made gingernut biscuits. A double batch, of course, because there are seven of us living here. The recipe said a double batch would make 100 biscuits. I got 90-odd. I was quite pleased with that. They must be close to the suggested size! They are yummy. (So was the hot milo.)

Miss 19, on a chair, painting.

I am sewing today. Miss 14 is sewing. (Covers for her folders for school. She believes every folder deserves a fabric cover.) Miss 25 is doing the work I should be doing (yay her!) loading items to eBay. My Bradley is busy working. Mr 17 is playing x-box. Mr 11 is alternating between shooting hoops, watching iview, playing xbox, wandering and eating. Miss 19 is painting something mysterious in a corner of the kitchen. I haven't looked because she doesn't want me too. It's a busy day here with lots of creative energy!


Jantine said...

Mmm, this sounds like a perfect day!

Lotti said...

Those Gingernut biscuits look really yummy, insipid or not.

Amanda said...

Very busy at your place.... I should be getting ready for work instead I am..... procrastinating.

Shay said...

I love gingernuts. If you have any leftovers post them my way !

Leanne said...

I have meet most of your kids but don't remember Miss 19 being a midget, or is the easel very large.