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Thursday, 26 January 2012

It's Australia Day!

Have you had a great Australia Day? In true Aussie style, it is mostly considered to be a great day off here. I spent most of today baking. White chocolate & gingerbread slice, choc chip cookies, cup cakes and lots and lots of pasties. This was all in aid of Miss 14 and her friends who love to eat yummy things!

The only sewing I did today was the final three seams on this star flower block. (Hope you looked away Shay!!!) I am thinking of basting some quilt tops tomorrow. And packing some stuff. Moving will begin next Thursday I think, but since we are not moving far (two streets) we will probably move over several days rather than packing it all into one day. Hey! We will be moving seven people's stuff. It's not going to be quick!!! Catch ya tomorrow!


Shay said...

Next time you're going to show another one of those gorgeous blocks give me some early warning sign will you ?

I was going to make lamingtons today but I blobbed round not doing much - which I thought suited our national day perfectly.

Two Wednesdays said...

Happy Australia Day!

The white chocolate and gingerbread slice sounds delicious - are you able to share the recipe, or is it copyright?

Jeni said...

your slice sounds beautiful....do you share recipe's??? yummo

Pip said...

I'm hungry now reading about your baking :) your star flower blocks looks quite Australian, green and gold, blue for the sea.

Daisy Jayne said...

Nice fabric co ordination..... love the look so far... way you are going you will be finished by the weekend ??????

Leanne said...

You are so calm about moving.