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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

It's a new day & a new year!

Last night as Bradley and I floated around in the pool somewhere around midnight, I began pondering the interest we humans have for the "New Year". Is it just another excuse for a party, or do we all really like the idea of ruling off one year and beginning another fresh? Exit 2007, enter 2008 with a whole new set of plans and little remembrance of past mistakes.

All the symbolism that the New Year has attatched to it is interesting too. Lots of new beginnings. New life. Diving right in. OK. Enough of the philosophical stuff. I think I only brought it up to distract you from the cold hard fact that I didn't really do any sewing yesterday (but that was last year, this year will be different!).

Okay, let's dive right in! Mr 7 had a tummy bug yesterday. He was most miserable. I don't think he remembers ever having one before. He asked me if I had ever had a tummy bug. I assured him that I had. In fact everyone has at some time. Then he said, "Then you know how much I hurt!". (He is male, afterall.) I spent the day ministering to his needs.
Mostly that meant sitting with him, looking at him. That was the only thing that made him feel better. I did manage to dip in the pool a couple of times because there were lots of other people here to "look" at him. The best at "looking" (apart from me, of course) is Mrs 23. She is such a good woman, she sat with this vomiting child for me even though she felt like vomiting herself! In the end it became too much for her, but I had managed to cool off a little in the pool. Yesterday was very hot. It was 42 degrees again. Apparently overnight we have had a weak change and the B.O.M. is only expecting a top of 38 degrees today. I'm not sure that they've got it right because it is already 38 degrees here! Anyway, enough of this. Back to the sewing!


de vliegende koe said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. I think us poor human beings need to have a New Year indeed to start all over again or to make plans, or to finish projects or whatever. To be honoust I do this little tric every Monday-morning. I always say to myself: This week is going to be a fine one...
May 2008 be full of creation and inspiration!

Kate said...

I sympathise with your little one and the tummy bug. Hope it's getting cooler for you - the heat is back over here again.