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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Decluttering Skirts

During our decluttering we came across some skirts that my daughter designed and cut out last summer. She finished one, but these were left at different stages. So today, in an effort to beat the 39 degree celcius heat I sat in front of a fan and sewed these two skirts.

Miss 17 is the designer. Miss 15 cut them out and Miss 17 was the seamstress. They are about the same size so collaborating made sense. (They routinely share clothes anyway) Since then Miss 17 has done very little sewing and Miss 15 has become a softie queen!

Last summer before Christmas they were desperate for clothes, but generous gift givers gave them cash and coupons for Christmas and so the desperation passed. The brown and blue skirt is the universal favourite. The fabric is wonderful! So soft and swooshy. Neither of them really likes pink that much. (Sorry Barbie!)


Felicia said...

Very pretty skirts :)

Kate said...

Great skirts!