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Friday, 18 January 2008

No organising, but some knitting!

As you can tell from my thirty days of the everyday I have not been at home this week. On Sunday afternoon my Bradley said, "Do you want to come to Naracoorte with me for a couple of days?" I thought it would be fun because he organised for Miss 17 and Mr 19 to look after the kids while we (well, I really, cause Brad had to work) had a little break. We left on Sunday evening and pitched our tent just as it was becoming dark. One of the first things I noticed coming in to Naracoorte was this brilliant Aussie flag painted on the roof of the local scout hall. It was obviously done quite some time ago, but I just loved it. The scout hall was across the road from the caravan park we stayed in, so I got to look at it lots and lots!

While we were in Naracoorte Brad's work increased and we even had to go to Mt Gambier. I spent lots of time knitting. Knitting, exploring and sleeping were my 3 big main events this week! I finally managed to finish this baby singlet! I took this photo of it out the front of our tent. I wanted to show off my new knitting bag I got from Woolies in Naracoorte too! This is a tiny singlet, but it took me ages to finish it. I don't think I'm up to knitting jumpers yet!!!

Naracoorte has a community swimming lake. How cool is that? I believe that it is chlorinated and ranges from shallows to deep spots. It has pontoons stretching out into it. While we were there they had a lifeguard on duty. Heaps of people used it - even at night. AND, it was free. I was blown away by this amazing community resource.

Everything was so green in Naracoorte and Mt Gambier. Such a contrast to Adelaide! Whilst Brad was in his meeting in Mt Gambier I went to Umpherston cave. (After I had checked out all the fabric and quilting and yarn shops I could find, of course!) The last time I was there was about 17 years ago, cause Miss 17 was just a baby! I walked down into the cave (OK. It used to be a cave, but a long time ago the roof came off - gradually I guess - and now it's a sinkhole.) and sprained my ankle. Really badly. I was carrying my lovely lump of six month old babiness and fell awkwardly because I was trying to save her - which I did, fortunately! The sinkhole has wonderful gardens around it and in it. They also have a brilliant bbq and shade/picnic tables area too. I spent quite some time there knitting!

They have lots of trailing plants that grow down into the sinkhole.
It's a lovely place to spend time. So, next time you are in Mt Gambier make sure to stop there for lunch! So, I spent most of the week lazing around. It was a good week. I'd like to do the same next week, but I guess it's back to the organising.

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Yarnsticksbooks said...

Your break at Naracoorte sounds lovely. My Grandma used to live there and I'd love to go one day and see the old house.
I really don't remember much from the infrequent visits during childhood so I would be going back as a very nosy adult.