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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Crazy Mom Quilts this one's for you!

I surf around on the web a lot and just lately my favourites have been quilting blogs. I love Amandajean's blog Crazy Mom Quilts. She is "crazy" for quilting. She not only makes heaps of quilt tops, she also produces finished quilts! I quite often visit her site and comment that she is inspirational, and as I did that last week I began to think about the word inspirational. If I was truely inspired I would do something about it. So an idea formed in my mind. These are the blocks that I sewed today. (Let me just add that Amandajean wouldn't show such a measly progress photo, but this is me!) Amandajean also has quilt-alongs with detailed photos. It's a great blog!

Today was a jammie day for me. I just didn't feel well so I decided to spend the day sewing. I wanted only to do frivolous sewing, hence the patchwork. It was great and I want to do the same tomorrow!!!


Amanda Jean said...

the quilt is fantastic! so happy to have inspired you. thanks so much for your kind words. :)

Katherine said...

Wow! This is so lovely and guess what? Now, you've inspired me! So glad to have found you.

What a tribute to Amandajean! I agree with you, she is very inspiring and I love visiting her blog.

Life's little stuff said...

Man you've been busy ! I've missed reading your blog -been playing Taxi Driver for the last 2 weeks LOL
Love the 30 days of the Everyday .
Catch you soon