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Monday, 7 January 2008

Leafy Sea Dragon

I think that's what it is. It's a photo I took at the airport and I guess it's something that is uniquely, or unmistakably Adelaidian (we live in Adelaide, Australia). Seven years ago we lived near the beach and one morning when our family was wandering along the beach my son found a Leafy Sea Dragon on the sand. He took it home, despite his mother's protests, and hung it up in our large and spacious shed where it dried out and eventually even stopped smelling! Boy do we miss the beach! Not that we lived on the foreshore. We were just closer to the beach then (15min drive). Of course, we're a lot safer from Tsunamis now..........(You've got to look on the bright side, don't you?)

There has been very little crafting lately. I did finish the front of the singlet I'm knitting, but it's all curly and very difficult to photograph! I have spent most of my time de-cluttering. It's all part of my New Year's word, "Simplify".( See the Cherry Menlove Forum) I'm trying to simplify my life in all areas. This week holds more knitting and more decluttering. Hopefully I will get some good shots to show you.


Life's little stuff said...

Hiya Fearless Knitter! Knew she was lurking somewhere. LOL You know I love decluttering! The kids always seemed to be happier playing after a declutter.
Life seems more complex than it did in my 20's doesn't? What have you done to simplify? Always looking for good ideas.
cheers Tina

de vliegende koe said...

I love the word simple and I love it when things are simple. I wish I could have a simple decluttering. But that’s not simple to me!

Kate said...

We are trying decluttering too - it just looks like we have made more mess.