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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

I wish.....

Look at all this prettiness. I love these photos. I got them from an online shop (think it's english) that I found via Allsorts. I wish these were photos of my house. Pretty, simple and sparse. Not sure I could actually live like this (I seem to be the queen of stuff). What is it with accumulation these days?
I keep buying magazines that say "Great Storage Solutions" on the front, when I really should be throwing stuff away. I love this bed, and there is no storage solution under it!

What a sweet desk. Of course, it's not covered with papers which is how my desk is. I know that these are just photos in a shop and no-one lives there, but that's how I would like my home to look!

I have the book and the white table and I want the house too! This is one of my goals for 2008. I seem to have a lot of goals for 2008.

  • 52 articles of clothing in 2008
  • 6 knitted items in 2008
  • 6 completed quilts in 2008
  • 1 pretty, simple, sparse home in 2008
  • 1 etsy shop open and filled with good things in 2008

My list keeps growing as the year moves on! Who can believe that January is nearly over? Anyway, this is how my goals stand so far. All doable I think. Roll on February, I've got things to do.


Katherine said...

Gorgeous photos! So much prettiness. Like you that look is just a wish in my household, not a reality.

You know, I read a book that you might like on the topic of clutter/storage issues. It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh. Great read full of insight and an action plan for getting the clutter out and thereby improving quality of life.

Great list of goals for this year! Lots to keep you busy. ;o)

Life's little stuff said...

Hiya Kris

I missed your birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
But I've caught up with your blog. Love seeing the
30 days of everyday thingy.
BTW Such a pretty quilt!
I love pretty but It just doesn't work with kids and animals. Practical and easy to clean is the best I can hope for. I use to have the most gorgeous teacup and but it got broken and I was so sad :/
I'm still getting Flylady posts. She's good, practical, without the guilt trips.
Goodluck. Anyway desks are for working at, aren't they ? An empty desk is an empty mind LOL
my excuse!
cheerio Tina

Tracy said...

Hi, Kris! Thanks so much for stopping by my place this week. So nice to meet you and come find you at your lovely place here in blogland! Love these photos--I adore this shabby chic beauty. I would love to have a desk like the pale blue one *SIGH* And the fabrics and quilt...speaking of quilts--the one you made and showed last week is terrific, very bold colors and design. Your list of the year is a great one--best of luck. Your 30 days has been fun, I've enjoyed looking back over your posts. Happy weekend to you & yours. I look forward to visiting again! :o)