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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Quilt top finished!

The lovely Miss 15 took this photo for me. She is such a help. And "Yes!" I do realise that the light is dreadful, but it's night time and I really wanted to show you the finished article. Yesterday I made 28 blocks and today I made the rest and put it all together. The centers of the blocks are from the American Jane Look and Learn collection (from Australian Jane's shop the patchwork apple ) and the black and whites are from spotlight. Mrs 23 (picklesticks) loves this collection so this quilt is going to be for her offspring.

Miss 15 got all creative with the photography! I kind of made this top up as I went along. Next I will piece the back. I love pieced backs! They are my favourite way to back a quilt. Piecing is my favourite part of the quilt process, so why not have twice as much fun for the same quilt? I have some ideas for the back, but will probably let them stew for a while before deciding which idea to develop. Yep! Look at the top and stew those ideas!


Katherine said...

Yay! You're done the quilt top! What fun fabrics you've used in this. I love the piecing part of quilting, too, but haven't tried piecing the back of a quilt. I shall wait to see what you decide to do with yours to inspire me to try this too.

Make and Takes said...

I love the quilt top. I am just getting back into quilting and just had to stop by. I love how the middles are framed in the black. Fun, Fun.

de vliegende koe said...

I love all the black/white and orange pieces. It looks great!