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Monday, 31 December 2007

"Sewing Reigns Supreme During Heatwave"

OK. It's probably not a heatwave technically. I think you have to have hot for more days than we have had, but this will be our 4th day of over 40 degree heat so I'm taking a liberty. It's not quite 10am and we have just hit 39 degrees so it's a pretty safe bet that 40 looms near! (Can you tell my beloved sells weather stations? We have one set up in our backyard!) We have all decided that it's too hot to go anywhere and too hot to do anything too active here at home, so we have been sewing, playing games and watching a lot of dvds.

My Mum is busy rearranging her garden and these two statues are having a rest at the moment. They were named "Tommy" and "Angelica" by my children many years ago. (You can tell which tv show was their favourite!) I took this photo on Christmas Eve and can't believe how cool it was then!

Most of the kids are participating in a "Stargate"athon. Series after series after series! I'm not much into spaceship shows and fortunately my sewing machine is in a room where there is an old movieathon happening! "Daddylonglegs", "Calamity Jane", "Meet Me In St Louis", etc, etc. Today I am sewing pinafores for Mrs 23 and nighties for me. And this evening I will be cutting out dresses for Miss 10 so that the sewing can continue tomorrow! I actually don't mind this heat because I can stay at home and sew without getting a hard time from people who think I "should" be out doing things or who want me to take them out! Hmm.....I think I hear the pool calling my name......................

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