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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Funky Hairdo!

There was an artist at Art at the Hart who was doing funky hairdos for FREE! Miss 17 couldn't resist. Apparently this artist is a face painter too and this is a variation on the face painting theme. We saw Christmas trees on people's heads and upswept dos with cards, paintbushes, feathers, butterflies and allsorts of paraphenalia integrated into their dos.

I have "put my back out". Not really sure what that phrase means, but it's what people say. My definition involves pain. Pain and not enough sleep. Can't get comfy. So there's not a whole lot of crafting going on. Actually, if buying fabric doesn't count as crafting, there's NO crafting going on!


Jessica said...

I'm sorry your back is giving you pain.

LOL about making socks when you grow up.

Knitting Lace is my " when I grow up" challenge.

I loose yarn overs every time.

Life's little stuff said...

Whoa! What a cool Do!
We saw some do's at Womad one year. It was strange watching someone at the hairdressers - so to speak.
BTW - Loved our craft day , enjoyed the laughs esp.

Check if there isn't a sewing needle in your shirt. My dh ( dear husband not the other one) usually finds mine with his feet.

Seriously , hope you're doing better today