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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Ding dong merrily on high!

It's December 1st! I was going to have our Christmas lights up today so that we could start December in complete Christmas mode. Didn't get that far! Today is not only the start of December it is also one of my baby's birthday. Yes, today Mr 18 became Mr 19. He is number three in our family and the first boy. I remember 19 years ago when he was born saying to the midwife, "That's not my baby!". Not just because he was a boy (none of my babies had ever been boys before!), but because he was blonde and the other two had dark hair. This was another opportunity to learn the lesson that all children are different from each other, no matter who their parents are.

This is Mr 19 watching "Heroes" with his sister in his new room in November. We all had very busy days today, so we went out to dinner together this evening to celebrate. It was so nice to be together. Now we are going to hop in the pool for a "midnight" swim. Okay! It's not midnight, but it is dark. Splash!!!


dutchcomfort said...

Congratulations with Mr 19th birthday! A die in a swimmingpool sounds great! We are having storms and rain!

dutchcomfort said...

What a terrible mistake I made, I meant a dive , sorry of course a DIVE!!!!