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Thursday, 27 December 2007

What day is it today?

Do you feel like that over the Christmas break? What day is it today? is the question I keep asking over and over this week. You think at some point I would "catch up", but no, that hasn't happened yet. And I don't drink so I can't even put the blame at alcohol's feet! Anyway, today is the day we waved "goodbye" to Mr 19. He is off to Geelong to a young adult convention (a large group of young people hanging out together - his version of fun!). Hmmm..... This photo was taken at the airport, and it was a Thursday, but the demands of truth constrain me to say that it wasn't taken today when we waved goodbye! This was the airport last Thursday night when I went to pick Bradley up after he spent the week in Brisbane.

We have been doing all sorts of little jobs around the house since Christmas. It's good to get those things done! I hope to spend next week sewing. Hopefully the next time that I talk to you there will be freshly made things to show you.
These grapes are from the pergola at my mother's house. Aren't they beautiful? I love gardens and gardening, but since water restrictions were introduced several years ago my garden has gone to rack and ruin! I think we are on level 3 or 4 restrictions at the moment (can't remember), but I had trouble watering with level 1 restrictions (The watering times were really difficult for me. They were at my busiest times.) and everything died. Perhaps 2008 will see me concentrate more on the garden. It must be the end of December because my head is full of New Year's resolutions. More about them soon!


dutchcomfort said...

The grapes looks wonderful!! I keep on being amazed about our differences in seasons!

Life's little stuff said...

The truck photo looks great - I thought it was your young ones playing with their trucks! Got me good LOL
I'm trying to convince people here that a 4 minute shower outside is a realllly good idea. Hasn't caught on though.