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Monday, 17 December 2007

I won something!

I hope you are all terribly busy at this time of year. Because if you are you'll understand why this post has taken so long! Back in November I left a comment on Kirsty's blog, Lolli b chie, and won an over the shoulder backpack. Kirsty packaged it up and sent it to me straight away and it's taken me this long to show you!!! Kirsty said that since it was going to a home with 8 children there might be some squabbling over it! Well, I don't really have squabbling children. (Hmmm..... I'm just pondering this as I write. They really are very good. This whole giving birth to, caring for, and raising small people to adulthood thing has been a wonderful experience. And the thing is, it never ends. Which is the best bit! I guess all this deep and meaningful stuff comes because Mrs 23 - Picklesticks - has announced to blogland that she's pregnant. Yes! Bradley and I are on the road to Grandparenthood. Hard to believe, huh? Anyway, back to the bag!) Everybody loved the bag. All the teenagers claimed it as their own (of course) but nobody took it to their room so it floated around in the living room for a couple of days. Then Mr 13 announced to nobody in particular that he would really like to have the monster bag and would find it very useful and did anyone really mind? Silence reigned, so he took it to his room and has been using it ever since. He is quite a tidy soul and you can see it above, hanging on his door next to his Harry Potter cloak. (Three cheers for Gryffyndor!)

Thank you Kirsty! We love it. It has already been to heaps of places with us! Most interesting is little kids' reaction when they see Mr 13 with the bag. One little guy even called out "Hey! There's a monster on your back!".


joeyp said...

How come i never saw that bag mother???

Looks pretty cool, nice work!

Thats my old harry potter cloak XD


Anonymous said...

What a GORGEOUS bag!! I love it and I think i would have to use it for myself - just too darned cute!!