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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My October...

I always have plans, they just don't always pan out the way I plan!  This month I plan to blog more, but not in a blogtober way. I joined in last year and received an invitation to join in again this year, but I think I'm going to be very busy this month and not able to step up to the awesome challenge of blogging every day. Already it's the second of October! I planned to blog yesterday, but had a challenging day where my washing machine died. It was three weeks out of it's extended warranty. We did have it for six years, which may not sound very long, but is excellent for white goods at my house. For the first three years of it's life it washed clothes for nine people and now it washes clothes for seven, so it's done pretty well I think. I went to the shop thinking I would just quickly buy another machine, but you wouldn't believe the choices available! It took us ages to decide just which machine we would buy. My Bradley took the trailer and we were able to bring it home with us. It's hard to be without a washing machine at my house!

the new machine in operation
 So today, in between getting the new machine going, I am putting together the quilt for my turn as quilter for Care at do. Good Stitches. I love the scrappiness of it! It is a bit of a challenge, but I am getting there! These blocks are from May, so I just need to get a wriggle on, get the quilt finished, and get it donated! I was also the quilter for September so I am planning to put together that quilt this month too. See, I have goals for this month!

zigzags for Care at do. Good Stitches
Later this week our grandson is coming for a visit so we will be busy, busy with him! (Don't you just love four year olds!) Then there is the getting ready for Christmas thing. I will be sewing gifts and dekkies and possibly some may even end up in my etsy shop so you can have a piece of my lovely handmade Christmas if you like. Stay tuned for more developments!


Lorraine said...

Phew...I was waiting for you to let me know it was October! ....not sure what I would have done if you hadn't...perhaps I would be trapped in September! Wow.....can't believe a year has gone by since you did Blogtober! I remember being in awe of your diligence!I think six years for a washing machine that washes so many clothes is pretty good! and the new one looks pretty.......I have plans for October as well! Yay!!

Sarah said...

WOw that washing machine looks like a space shuttle! I recon I could fit inside there instead of shower?

Rock on October I have serious plans to achieve!

Khris78 said...

Enjoy your new washing machine .... I hope you find sometime for some sewing in October :)))

Lotti said...

Love the quilting .... gorgeous .... but sorry, it was really a bit hard to get past the gorgeous new washing machine. Have wanted a front loader for ages, but I can't justify buying one while my other machine is working.

Jenny said...

Yep a good washing machine is necessary-your looks fabulous-love the zig zag quilting