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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Design Mess

my desk tonight
I was so happy to finish that quilt last night that I started a mental list about all the things I could do today, now that that quilt was out of the way, and then today I did none of the things on the mental list at all. I did drag fabrics out of the cupboard and spread them around on my desk. And books. And magazines. And now I have nothing to show for it! Well, it's not all that bad because I did go food shopping today which seemed essential once my sons listed everything we were out of as we sat together at the breakfast table. And I do now have an idea of what I am going to work on tomorrow. It involves fish. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.


Daisy Jayne said...

it all seems to me to be a bit FISHY

picklesticks said...

I love those fish! All very green and blue.

Shay said...

Maybe you needed a down day after that stellar finish?