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Thursday, 4 October 2012

One costume, finished.

 Here is my Princess Bubblegum. In her dress that she made all by herself. It is two dress patterns smooshed together, and she even did that herself. She's a sewer now people! Her dress is pink and purple, which is reading here as blue.

We bought a wig off of eBay to go with her outfit. It is deliciously pink and her curls bounce as she walks. Princess Bubblegum has bubblegum hair, so the only bit of the wig that is true-to-life (It's a cartoon people! Technically none of it is true-to-life!!!) is the length. Her friends are all into "Adventure Time" and have all been making Adventure Time costumes these holidays, so it has been a fun activity for them all. (At various times there has been Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, the Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess, Marcelline, the Fire Princess, and Fiona the Human at my house and other houses around the district.) It has been such an excellent holiday activity! They have been so absorbed and have learnt so much, mostly from each other. Right now, my sons are busy tracing patterns and sewing too. This sewing/costume lark seems to be catching!


Joolz said...

What a fun way of keeping them off the streets! More of it, I say! She looks real cute.

Shontelle said...

Love it! What a clever girl you have there. That wig is fantastic - I'd like one myself. I love how a wig can change your personality.

Daisy Jayne said...

OMG - fab, love the dress and the hair. such a talented family

Amanda said...

Very clever and love the hair.

Jantine said...

This is sooo smart! Well do ne!

Lotti said...

Clever cookie .... but then why wouldn't she be when she has a mum who is a true lover of the sewing machine. Great job .. well done.