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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Winning post!

Coquette by Chez Moi
 Well, it is a jelly roll race quilt top, and it is finished - so winning post seemed appropriate. The photo was taken on the pavers out the back of our place while grandson played totem tennis with my Asher (11) and Maxim (18) was cutting out more wood for a wooden sword he is crafting at the moment. I finished the quilt top this morning and have spent some of this afternoon quilting a quilt that I am thoroughly sick of working on, but it needs finishing. I guess so that I can cross it off my list for October. (See Sarah, I am working on UFO's! As well as entirely new quilts of course.) Tomorrow I think I will be required to do "costume duty" as my kids are dressing up this weekend. They are all meant to be making their own costumes, but Asher has fallen at the final hurdle (keeping that winning post metaphor happening people!) and needs his mum to help him make his Rock Lee costume be a reality. Back to the quilting!

Draped over the tent that is amusing grandson.


Lotti said...

I love the quilt and I really love the colours. So pretty.

Sarah said...

YAY you are wiping your UFO list down (okay okay lets not include the new ones!)

Oh and I finished another goal I added just to make me feel good - read all the magazines/newsletters/mail that was sitting on my bed side today.

I am SO CLOSe to finishing my memory booking. and plotting along with the stocking cross stitch each night.


Little House on the Hill said...

The quilt is beautiful, well done.
Cheers Pauline

Jantine said...

That was a fun project to get in between all the other stuff going around...

Shay said...

I have a Layer cake of that fabric laying round and I think you just pushed me to do something with it . Your top looks so gorgeous!