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Saturday, 13 October 2012


 Yesterday was devoted to helping my guys finish off their costumes for the pop culture convention this weekend. They all wanted to make their own costumes, well, possibly Asher (11) didn't want to but he definitely wanted a costume so he didn't mention not wanting to make it. Lily finished hers in the holidays because she knew once she was back at school it would be all homework and mock exams. I have no photos of her because she slept over at a friend's house so they could get there early and together. They are all going as "Adventure Time" characters.

Maxim sewed his ninja trousers and t-shirt. He kind of ran out of steam when it came to his vest, but since it was a padded vest I figured a quilter would know how to do that best, so I sewed that for him. Sophie sewed his cloak. He made his mask and arm guards from paper mache. He also made his shoes from old thongs and fabric.

Sophie had all sort of different ideas for her costume. but ended up making a Wampa hat. (I know! I had no clue. Apparently a Wampa is the creature that tries to eat Luke Skywalker in "The empire Strikes Back" - I think. Total guess here. Should I admit now that I have never watched any of these movies?)

Asher made shoes like Maxim did, but didn't feel they were comfortable enough for a whole day so wore his joggers instead. We bought him a wig, which Sophie trimmed for him. Sophie knitted him orange leg warmers. (There is no limit to my kids' dedication to getting the costume right! If you utter the phrases "It's just a costume" or "Does it really matter, it's just an animation?" you tend to get voted off the Island really quickly.) I made his trousers and t-shirt so he would look just like Rock Lee. We bought the fabric from Lincraft while they were having their 40% off dress fabric sale because after all, it's just a costume! The only green we could get for the t-shirt was a gorgeous knit. All the time I was sewing the t-shirt I kept thinking that I should be making something good with it! However, I really shouldn't have had such thoughts, because the first time Asher put it on he was full of praise for the fabric and how lovely it felt.

So here is the photo gallery.

Ninja wrapping Rock Lee's hands. (Essential apparently)
He's a black ops ninja. From Naruto maybe? (I'm so full of information!)

A cat ninja, obviously.

Without the mask and don't you love his quilted vest?

My Princess Bubblegum last week

Rock Lee

A close up of the wig. Not sure how long that will stay on for, he finds it itchy!

Essential ninja equipment, handknitted leg warmers

Wampa hat. She's just a bit keen on Star Wars.
Phew! All that work just for one day of fun! I think I prefer making quilts, but I think you all knew that. So, now that it's just me and grandson here I'm going to attempt to do some more quilting on that quilt.


quiltygal said...

Wow is there no end to the Paton talents!! they all look great & speaking as a mother of 2 metal loving girls I had absolutly no idea what you were talking about in this post ...but then I used to get quized on the lead singers of all the metal bands guess I might beat you there !! lol hope you get a rest during the week

Shay said...

Goodness gracious Kris- your kids are so dedicated. I dont know many kids that would put in that level of effort . I love it.

They all look fantastic.

Lotti said...

Wow all that work and busy-ness at your place. What a great job they've all done. Hope they have fun.

Suzanne said...

Great costumes...you have definitely passed down the love of creating to the next generation.

Daisy Jayne said...

Wow and that was the week..... I would have need that time just to think about it.... great costumes