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Monday, 15 October 2012

The trick is.....

..... to remember just how busy life is with little children so that you can get so much more done when they are gone! Not sure how well I am doing on that score today, but I am trying. I think you should be able to rent a toddler for a week or so just so you can be super productive for the week after you return them. Fortunately we have Grandson.

Grandson, playing.
Yesterday morning Sophie and I waved goodbye to Grandson and Pa (my Bradley) and they flew off to Adelaide. We were all a little flat after that yesterday. We missed that four year old! A funny thing happened just as they were about to board the plane. Grandson insisted on holding his own boarding pass (he is becoming a seasoned traveller) and I hugged him goodbye right before he handed the boarding pass to the stewardess. She looked worried and asked him who he was travelling with and then as he answered realised that he was younger than he looks and looked even more worried! My Bradley quickly replied that he was with him and the relief on her face was lovely! (I don't think she fancied explaining that young children cannot fly alone!)

So yesterday I did very little (despite grand plans the night before) and today I am getting into housework. That quilt is calling for me this afternoon. I did do a little more quilting on it over the weekend, until I broke the needle. That's kind of a sign, isn't it? Once the needle breaks I give it away. I am halfway through quilting the border with pebbles, so there's not much more to go.

Off to the salt mines! (I am speaking metaphorically here, I really mean to the laundry.)


Lotti said...

They sure do keep you busy .... you sometimes feel like they keep your more busy than your own children did when they were that age. Could be that you were younger then and could deal with it a bit better. I wish I had my grandchildren around me to keep me busy. I know it would be lovely and I'd know the joy it brings. Nice post .

Lorraine said...

Glad you enjoyed grandson's visit....hope you get lots done this week...not much sewing going on here....or packing either....must get on to that!

Shay said...

I had completely forgotten what it was like to have small child in the house until Little P came along. I have no idea where they get all that excess energy from!

You're going to miss that little guy though...