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Monday, 24 November 2008

What's going on at my house!

We put the Christmas tree up last week. I had bought new lights for the tree from Dick Smith after Christmas last year. They were very cheap, but I didn't really look at them when I got home, just put them away with the Christmas dekkies. Then when we put the tree up none of our lights would work at all! (Do you suppose that they knew there were new lights and they were upset and therefore would not work for us?) So, we got out the new lights. They are fantastic! They change colour (LED) and are just beautiful. These photos are something else going on at my house. Miss 18 is studying Art at Uni. This is all part of her final piece for sculpture. Her first year is nearly over. She has been collecting green things.
To go in her fridge (of course!) Miss 16 is busy studying for her year 11 exams. They start tomorrow. She has two days of exams this week and then two more days at school in December (Awards presentation day and report card day) and year 11 is all over for her.

This is the fake grass that you put your fridge on (again... of course!). Our Christmas week diary is filling up with family celebrations and other Christmas activities, so December seems like it will be as busy as November! We are all having a great time. So many milestones being achieved at this time of year. So many exciting Christmas plans to look forward to. Can't wait!

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Leanne said...

That should be "She LIKES order....She LIKES it a lot" and it should be on the fridge for everybody to follow the rule(In my dreams).