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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Bicentennial Conservatory Visit.

On Saturday Miss 11, Mr 8 and I went to the botanical gardens. Regular readers of this blog will realise that the gardens is one of my favourite places in Adelaide. We go there quite often. So on Saturday we decided to do something different and have a wander through the Bicentennial Conservatory. So, after parting with $9.50, we entered the conservatory. I must be a cheapskate because Mr 8 didn't remember having ever been in there before! It's very green, very warm, and we even saw the conservatory producing mist.

They also have some wildlife. Not long after entering we heard bird calls which didn't seem right. I thought the conservatory was all about plants. And so it was, but they had an insect (or should I say an invertabrate) invasion and two types of birds were introduced to the building. We also saw a couple of fish in the pond and they have all kinds of bugs in perspex boxes for you to look at too. Obviously bugs don't interest me that much, because I didn't take any photos of them!

However, I couldn't resist this flower. Isn't it magnificent? Gorgeous colour and just beautiful. Well worth the $9.50 I think.


Lotti said...

These are gorgeous photos....nature is a wonderful thing, jut look at the awesome affect of the mist. I have always wanted to go and look in the conservatory....I see that funny shaped building, but only ever from a distance. I will have to part with some money too and go have a look.

Lurline said...

Oh, Kris,
Magnificent photos - what sort of camera do you have, please?
Hugs - Lurline!

Leanne said...

Great snaps...oh how I love the botanic gardens.