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Monday, 10 November 2008

Stitching Angel Packaged Arrived!

On Friday when I came home (From where I don't remember. Being Mum's taxi somewhere!) this box was waiting for me. My Stitching Angel gift from Julie. My second box from Julie. (See the first box here.)

She sent me great "extras". I am so spoilt! (Blogger thought this photo needed to be side-on. Blogger so doesn't know which way is up!) The snaplock bag contains foldover elastic, something I have been dying to try. Haven't seen any here in Australia, but now I have some, so I will have to find an FOE tutorial. (Love the net!)

This is the stitching caddy Julie made for me. I love the fabric (Kaffe Fassett! One of my favourite designers!) and the embroidery. I love it so much I decided to show it up close too.
It is just so pretty!

Julie also stitched a sweet sissor holder for me, with sissors in fact! Which is possibly why Australian Customs wanted to open my package and have a little look! My box was so hard to open, with plastic ties and fabric tape holding it shut. I figured that Julie didn't want me to get it open! I started thinking she was pretty mean as I took my gifts out, then I saw an Australian Customs' pamphlet explaining that they had opened the box (Ahhhh.. no wonder it was so hard to get open!) but hadn't removed anything.

And a pincushion too! I do feel very lucky to have had Julie as my Angel. I have really enjoyed this swap because I have had the privilege of getting to know Julie and Jantine (my angel recipient) and their blogs are some I visit regularly. Thank you Helen for organising this swap!


Bird Bath said...

you sure are lucky! some gorgeous goodies there.
I have also wondered if FOE is available down here....sounds like a very practical thing to have in the stash.

Julie said...

I can't wait to see how that FOE works!! Turns out it is hard to find here too. LOL
I am so glad you like your gifties. I have truly enjoyed getting to know you as a new blog friend.

LOUISE said...

I wish I had an angel like this visit me! You deserve a treat Kris, after catching the bug. I hope you are all feeling better today. x