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Monday, 24 November 2008


Well, this year has been one of the most amazing blogwise for me.

  • I have enjoyed blogging much more this year. I think I am much more comfortable with the technology of blogging now!
  • I have been inspired to create much more this year than last year.
  • I have found some of the most amazing, inspiring blogs this year that have influenced me to take on challenges and create things I never would have previously. (Thank you all!)
  • I have been able to share with you and also to find out, via blogging, what direction I want to head in creatively next year.

It has been so much fun for me! And now this last week I have received two awards from two bloggers that I enjoy very much. The first is from Jantine. She was my Stitching Angel recipient and is from the Netherlands. Thank you Jantine! I hope you all go and visit Jantine to see why she has received and passed on this award. (And to see her amazing stitching and quilting!)

The second award is from Pip. Pip is a New Zealander who is now a South Aussie. There are many bloggers that I love, but I must admit that I have a great love for South Aussie bloggers. I love the net and the blogosphere, but there's nothing like having the chance to meet a fellow blogger in the flesh! I always thought that this was not very important to me (Afterall, we love the net because of it's anonimity, don't we?). That is until I met a blogger. She was so amazing and such a nice person I thought, "Wow! What a great idea meeting is!". I have only met four or five bloggers in the flesh, but I liked them all and enjoy South Aussies so much more now 'cause I might just bump into one accidently. (Don't laugh! It's happened to me! At a quilt shop of course!) Pip has an amazing blog. I love all of her garden posts especially. I used to be a gardener (Before water restrictions, don't ask! It's a long story!) and love to read Pip's posts. She also is an awesome crafter! Go visit Pip to see why she received this award!

So, I am happy to receive these awards. They have made me contemplate my blogging which has given me all sorts of insights! I appreciate them and appreciate Jantine and Pip for giving them to me. As for passing them on, I love all of your blogs! I visit everyone who leaves a comment and all of your blogs are amazing! So, if you want to contemplate your blogging and post these awards on your blog, please do. (And if you want me to visit your blog, leave a comment!)


Chookyblue...... said...

I love the anon bit of blogland too and I didn't think I wanted to meet people but once I did I am totoally addicted......all the girls I have met have been the nicest people........and just like they seem on there blogs..........

Lurline said...

How wonderul for you to receive these awards, Kris - I have only recently managed to strike up great friendships with Aussie girls in Blogland - for months it was mainly overseas girls - maybe I have become more confident and spread my wings (ha!ha!).
Hugs - Lurline!

Lotti said...

Well I have you to thank for getting into blogging...starting up my own blog and looking at other people's blogs. I do love looking at blogs now....I'd heard about blogs before but never thought I could actually have my own. Thank you Kristin.

Julie said...

You certainlly deserve the awards. Congratulations!

Jenny said...

Congratulations on your awards-well deserved. I haven't met a blogger in real life yet but I'd like to and sure I will one day:)