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Wednesday, 30 April 2008


On Monday afternoons my mother teaches a quilt class at University of the Third Age (U3A). She invited me to come along this week for show and tell. It was an interesting exercise. I have so many part finished quilts, even I didn't realise the extent of them! At first I was quite despondent as I collected together my projects, but as I talked about them I became excited about them all over again! I'm looking forward to working on some of them again.


Lucy Lou said...

I remember you talking to Grandma about going to that, but you went and I didn't even know! I only know now because I read your post!

This uni this is seriously messing up my knowledge of family goings on. Like how I say Joe on Sunday night, then the next time I saw him was on Wednesday! How wrong is that? And I only go there two and a half days a week!

Imagine if you'd sent us to school. Five days and week, never home or always doing homework, we wouldn't know each other at all. How sad would that be? Then none of you would know how seriously hilarious I can be sometimes. And we'd only keep in touch by using the internet. And we all know how much you love the internet!

Okay, this is getting long, but if I wanted to really talk to you, I'd have to get out of my bed. Which is really nice and warm... So the bed wins.


Bird Bath said...

Your quilting looks great...how nice to get re-inspired by a WIP! Sometimes I get frustrated about all my WIPs. I have many ideas languishing in the sewing corner with my fabric collection. (Yes the rainbow fabric was found at the salvos...I adore it!)

Levin (and Emily) said...

how lucky are you to get inspired all over again! I can't wait till I'm old enough for U3A. I missed Uni the first time around - hopefully I can make up for it later and it won't be so serious either!!!

Lorraine said...

Sometimes it is good to go back and take a look at what we started and then left to move onto to something else.....I need to do that I think!