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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

A Closer Look at that Package

Janine received her scrappy swap package today, so now I can show you what was inside the pink package from yesterday's post. Do you like the way I packaged it up? A complete copy of Janine's packaging! Her's was so pretty I wanted to package mine the same way.

And these are the coasters I made for Janine. I loooooooove coasters! Regular readers of my blog will realise that I talk about coasters, but have never actually made any before! I really enjoyed making them and will make more - this time for me!


nicolette said...

I took part in the swap last year. It was so much fun to prepare and receive! Your coasters look really great!

Lorraine said...

Your parcel(s) look yummy! I posted mine off to Spain and US on the 31st March.....I have card from the post office to say there is a parcel waiting for me - will get it in my lunch break to day....can't wait.......I had so much fun putting my parcels together - and yes I did two because I accidentally signed up twice....you know....I thought I did that already....can't see it there - no probs I will do it again...ha ha.....but it isn't as tho I don't have way too much fabric and couldn't find enough to put in the parcels! LOL Love the coasters!


It's great how a bow can turn something pretty, into something pretty fabulous. I think it is a nice idea to swap material. x