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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Digital Cameras Make Me Happy!

Life changes constantly, sometimes in imperceptable ways. Well, obviously not 13 year old boys. In my experience their changes are very easily perceived! That moment when you ring home and your 13 year old answers the phone and you think, "Who's that man and why is he at my house answering the phone?" through to the moment you realise that your little boy is now taller than his Dad! I think technology is the king of imperceivable changes.

Like digital cameras. Before digital cameras not many of us could afford to give the camera to our kids and say, "Snap away!". So the photos you get with a digital camera are very different! I have lots of photos of feet. (Something pioneered by Mr 19 when we got our very first digital camera and a tradition now carried on by Miss 11!) We have lots of photos of teenagers looking in the mirror too. (It is their natural habitat, after all.)

We also have a lot of self-portraits taken at arms length. Think this is easy? It's not. My children have to practise this a lot. That's why they need cameras in their phones. So they can practise the art of the self-portrait. (It is a legitimate art form after all!) Mostly I love digital cameras because you don't feel constrained by the question, "Would this be a good photo?". You just click, and click, and click! And you capture more of real life than you do when you're pondering questions. I love the realness of digital cameras. Of course, I only think they're real cause I don't have photoshop. But that's a whole other discussion!


Leanne said...

Isn't it funny they never tire of taking photos of themselves. The beauty of digital.

Bird Bath said...

Oh I'm with you on that one! Digital cameras allow us to get creative, try until we get 'the' shot. I really like to see the shots my kindy girl takes - she finds some good angles. I've been playing with my new camera today, but the day is so cloudy....My little cybershot is so much easier to undertand :P


I love my digital camera. You can take as many as you like to get that perfect shot, you can download them, erase any you don't want, you can blog the ones you like, you can store them on the PC, you can wipe the memory card clean and start all over again, all in seconds. The only negative for me is I don't ever get around to printing any off on paper, so no-one but us, ever get to see them. x