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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today Mr 13 turned 14! He wanted burritos for his birthday dinner and he invited his sister and brother-in-law to dinner. The burritos were delicious and I made a banana ginger cake with orange icing. I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but we had to cut a slice off for Mrs 23 cause she needed to go home before we had sung 'Happy Birthday'.

I think he likes being 14. He had a tummy bug yesterday and feels sooooooooo good today in comparison that 14 feels very good indeed.


Levin (and Emily) said...

happy birthday! so glad he's feeling better on his birthday. i was very sick on my 21st birthday (and no, not from drinking!!).
hope he enjoy's his 14th year!

Bird Bath said...

Happy birthdsay for the birthday boy! The birthday menu sounds good - especially banana /ginger cake. I've never heard that combo before.

joeyp said...

since when do people need ginger in a banana cake?? whats with that!

still tasted good :)