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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Dollhouse of Horror

This is what happens when Barbie leaves home! Dead horses! Guns! Action figures down!

It's all a bit CSI Rosemary Hill! This is the sight that greeted us when we came home from our high school tour tonight. (High school tour? Yes, we are homeschoolers but Miss 15 has decided she'd like to give high school a go.) Last time I looked at the dollhouse this afternoon it had a lovely family atmosphere with a mummy and a daddy and kids. Very G rated. Then tonight it had this dreadful MA15+ rating! I think Mr 7 was the last one playing with the dollhouse. Boys are interesting, aren't they? He loves his action figures!


Katherine said...

With two boys in the household I can totally relate.

Vicki said...

That dollhouse cracked me up. Boys are such fun. I hope Barbie and friends got out safely! Vicki at Hollyhocks.typepad.com