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Friday, 15 February 2008

Wow! Amy Butler!

I just looooooooove these trousers! These photos are from Amy Butler's website. Wonderful, wonderful fabric! Amy does have a lovely quilt (shown below) but how great are these clothes made from her fabrics? How amazing it must be to design fabric and then to use it in other designs (clothing, bags, quilts etc)! That's really handmade.

Beautiful skirt too! Looking at these clothes from Amy Butler just makes me want to rush out and sew clothes! So much inspiration! So far this week I haven't managed any sewing. I have knitted booties and finished the stripey trousers I was knitting. I have just cast on a rug and am having great fun knitting it. I love fat needles! The rug is knitted with 8 ply wool and 5.5mm needles. Photos of my knitted things tomorrow!


Cosy said...

I love Amy Butler too. The pants (PJs?) are very cool and I particularly like the quilt. I love the resurgence of the skirt!

Life's little stuff said...

Love fat needles. Goes quickly doesn't it?
Haven't heard of Amy Butler , I'll go check her out now. Love looking at pretty stuff.
cheers Tina