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Friday, 22 February 2008

Does buying fabric count?

Such great and marvellous plans for this week! If only I had consulted my calender, or my children! We had a doctor visit, a hospital visit and a dental visit this week along with numerous trips to the chemist. It all takes time. However, I did manage to squeeze a fabric shop (DK Fabrics) visit in amongst it all. Miss 21 (overseas) needs a light coloured jacket so I bought some green fabric to produce just that. I don't have a pattern to show you because I just copied one of her favourite jackets. I have made this jacket up before, but didn't photograph it before I posted it to her.

Mr 19 (our ebayaholic) has been searching ebay looking for zoot suit patterns. He found this pattern in the USA and it's his size! This was not in an effort to get me to make him a suit, he sews too and is looking forward to the challenge this suit presents. He chose a pin stipe and a diamond patterned lining.

This is what I have spent my time working on this week. My Bradley made bookshelves for me last year. I painted them quickly and put all of our books on them. As you can see above and below, they didn't fit very well. This was a very sad situation because we are reading people and we couldn't get to our books easily.

So, after months of wondering "how did that happen?" and "what will I do?" I came to the conclusion that if we couldn't use the books properly there was no point in having them and I should cull our collection to those we really love. (Well, it didn't really take me that long to work it out, but I was slow to put the plan into action because I thought it would be difficult to cull our books. It hasn't been as hard as I thought!)

The shelves now look like this (above and below). This isn't the finished product yet, but at least you can get to all the books. I am quite fussy when I've decided to actually do something, it's just the deciding that holds me back! (I am the woman her keeps her dvds alphabetized afterall - it's so much easier to find what you're looking for!)

Some of the books will be kept behind closed doors. This is in an effort to combat dust and to keep the library looking better. I really love these cupboards because they were built to my specifications. It's excellent having a handyman live at your house! I have so many projects and designs for him in my head I think it would take him a couple of years to build them all if he could work fulltime on the jobs. Of course, he can't because we like to eat and feel more comfortable when our bills are paid. (I have to keep reminding myself of this!)

These are the piles I have assembled so far to go! Not sure what we will do with them. A friend suggested we see if a secondhand bookshop is interested in buying them. And there's always the Salvos! Mr 19 thinks we should give some of them a go on ebay (naturally!!!). Now that I'm in such a clearing out frame of mind I think I might tackle the fabric stash next! (If I get rid of any of that it will be a miracle!)


Hey Harriet said...

All looks good! You keep your DVDs in alphabetical order? That's cool! I keep my CDs in order of "musical genres" & such. I also like to be able to find what I'm looking for. Immediately ;)

I once traded in a whole stack of books I no longer wanted at a second hand book store. Worked out really well. I walked in with a huge pile of crappy books & walked out with a small pile of great books in exchange :D

Little Munchkins said...

I am really bad at throwing things out so well done on the culling. I would have definitely have kept most of the books, which would defeat the purpose of culling ;)

Katherine said...

You brave woman! I find it difficult to part with books. I guess parting with fabric is actually even harder to do. Good luck with that!

Love the shelving system. You have them looking so neat, I'm afraid of how full I'd cram them.