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Monday, 4 February 2008

Progress on the quilt back I'm piecing.

As mentioned in my 30 days post I have been looking at this a lot the past couple of days.

It has been some of the funnest piecing I have ever done. I'm just making it up as I go along which is a really fun way to put a quilt together! I started with the narrow strip of offcuts of the American Jane fabrics. I just started cutting the fabrics and then started sewing. I have done a little unpicking, but not much. It's kind of freeing to piece a back, because I don't think that I could just make up a quilt top! It would be too scary.

I have to admit that it doesn't look like I imagined it would, but I'm still pretty happy with the result. I have a black and white strip, a black, white and coloured strip, and the final strip I am still working on is a coloured strip. Perhaps tomorrow I will finish it and then I can quilt it!

I took the photos of the quilt back on my "new" cutting table in my sewing room. Brad has been busy preparing my cutting table for me so that I can more easily cut out clothes. I love sewing clothes, but hate cutting them out so a large cutting area is meant to encourage me in the cutting department! Don't know if it will work or not! Stay tuned to see the value of the new cutting table.


Tracy said...

The back is as sensational as the front! Are you sure that's the back? ;o) Happy Day!

Katherine said...

Wow! I think this quilt back really should be a quilt top - it's truly wonderful. Great job, Kris!

Kate said...

Looking fantastic!

de vliegende koe said...

This can’t be the back of a quilt! Gorgeous. Just turn around the quilt and it will be the top!