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Friday, 8 February 2008


I have been spending far too much time surfing around looking at quilting blogs (according to my husband!). There are soooooooo many amazing blogs and quilters out there! I have spent all week being dazzled and inspired. It just makes me want to rush out and quilt!

I saw this great concept on May Britt's blog (I think) and felt I just had to show it on my blog because this is one of my aims this year too. Not just with quilting fabrics, but also with clothing fabrics. I just have too much stuff so I'm trying to use as much fabric as possible from my stash.

I know I already showed Mrs 23 at her graduation, but couldn't resist this photo of her baby bump. Can't wait for the weekend! I'm gonna sew, sew, sew! Hopefully next time I talk to you there will be deliciously crafty goodness.


dutchcomfort said...

I had put that logo on my blog too. I have removed it already... I bought wonderful new fabrics, so... Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

There is so much inspiration out there, isnt there??? Good on you using your stash!! I have started some more scrappy cabins this weekend to use up some more scraps that are taking over my house!!! Love the baby bump - so cute!!!

Kate said...

I think I need to go on a bit of a stash diet too - I'm sure I could sew for years with what i have here!

Katherine said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I am guilty of spending way too much time surfing the blogs for my "creativity fixes"! I love looking at what others are making.

Good luck with your fabric diet!