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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Look what Amanda sent me!

I think she likes me! Nooo.....

Last week I won Amanda's give away. (Sea Breeze Quilts) I was very excited because I just loved these valentines when she showed them on her blog. Now I have four Amanda originals at my house!!! Fortunately the people who lived in this house previously had the foresight to put nails and drawing pins everywhere in the walls, so I have plenty of places to hang my valentines to admire them. I had to include the photo below to show Loz what an excellent paint job the previous dwellers did too. (Hint, the brown wood is not meant to have mushroom paint on it.)

I also love this photo of one of my valentines obviously flying away. (It's an Amanda original. It even looks good from behind!) Thanks Amanda! You made my day!


Pip said...

I love them, I spotted the paint splash straightaway :) I'm going to go over to Amanda's blog and have a look at hers now.

seabreezequilts said...

Hi Kris, looks like they have settled into the home just fine.

Shay said...

Aren't they cute! Amanda is one talented chickadee!

Leanne said...

They look great in your new home and will remind you of all us girls back in Adelaide when you look at them.