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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's March

It is March already and today was even quite autumnal here in Melbourne. I am finding the weather here and my expectations of the weather very interesting. So far a Melbourne summer seems to be not as hot as an Adelaide summer. Of course, I don't really know if this Melbourne summer we have just experienced is typical or not. People say not, and then today I read that this summer has been Melbourne's wettest summer on record. Anyway, today was grey and rainy and cool. Pretty much my favourite kind of day, so typical or not I am quite liking Melbourne weather.

I have a few projects on the go. I signed up for a doll quilt swap and I am working secretly on that at the moment. I am making the quilt all by hand and I'm quite enjoying it. I am pleased with how it is turning out. I have been stitching as well and creating some fabric to make a bag. This seems to be taking me an incredibly long time. It is a bag that may never be made! Miss 20 has made herself a bag this week, ready for the new year at uni. She posted photos of it on our family blog (private) and it is gorgeous. She had her first day of honours today. (Did I mention that she graduated last year and is studying honours this year? She is so happy and excited!) Miss 18 is also back at uni too. She is in her second year now. Time just seems to be flying. Miss 18 has also been sewing. She has been creating notebook covers for the new uni year. They are just gorgeous and I am so pleased that my girls are not only busy sewing, but also designing their own creations. Miss 24 has been busy knitting as well. (She is such a great knitter!)

So, what am I expecting from March? A visit from Mrs 26 and her family (yes, that includes grandson and granddaughter) and hopefully some crafty finishes. Not too much. So I might just get it done as March speeds by me!


Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

I can't believe how fast March got here! Those flowers are very pretty.

Shay said...

Rug up Kris- I hear Melbourne winters are cold.

I loved reading about your girls crafty endeavours. I cant wait to see your dolls quilt.

I wish Miss P would get bitten by a craft bug. Alas there is not a crafty bone in her body to date.

Pip said...

I agree with Shay, Melbourne winters are cold. I think summer this year has been cooler all round, in fact I'm wondering where summer went to, it's 12 degrees here this morning, a bit cool for me.

Joolz said...

March already - I have just taken my Christmas wreath off the front door!!

Time is whizzing by - Bri left for her her Year 12 Retreat today and Kirby has started her 3rd year of Uni - Marketing (Management). She received a letter this week, addressing her 'as an elite student and wish to congratulate you on your high academic performance throughout your undergraduate degree program.'

Wow, we are so proud of them both! Kirby has been asked to do honours next year.

Enjoy that cool weather, it's lovely, eh? I hope we don't see much more hot weather, that would suit me fine!

Cheers - Joolz

Lorraine said...

Had to wear a jacket when I took Rose out this morning....Loved that I had to rush back inside to get it.....brrrr! Sounds like your girls are all being super creative......good that they take after your Bradley...LOLOLOLOL.....enjoy the visit from Mrs 26 and family....I have officially decreed that March is slow-march month..I am on holidays for the next couple of weeks and want it to drag!