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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Snappy Friends challenge - starting with J

Grandson has a name starting with "J" so I thought it appropriate to share some photos of him for the Snappy Friends Challenge. (I have missed the last few. I have just felt so busy that time and motivation have just passed me by!) This is grandson "allowing" me to take his photo. ("Take my picture Ma!") Kids change all the time and he has just had a language ramp up. He has always been chatty, but his sentences are longer now and they tumble out one after the other! We were sitting outside and he was narrating this sequence for me over and over.

He is building an aeroplane here. Stacking wood offcuts. (As you do)

Then, the aeroplane crashes. (The blocks of wood tumble off of each other after a shove from grandson) Miss 13 is helping act out this narration too of course! Oh no! Build it again!

Build it so you can see it fly up high in the sky. (Okay, here you can see that grandson is a much better actor than Miss 13. Or perhaps he just is more invested in this narration than she is!)

Look! I see it flying!


Suzanne said...

So sweet!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

He's certainly one expressive and cute little guy that J of yours.

Perhaps he's going to be a story teller when he gets older?

Miss 13 did a good job of sustaining her interest.

Lorraine said...

Too cute!! Those times are precious aren't they! Oh...and I love your ties from the previous post...haven't been near the computer much in the past few days to catch up with blogs or emails....

Lotti said...

Love the facial expressions ... These photos are just so beautiful. It's so nice when they start saying sentences and expressing their excitement about what is happening.

Jantine said...

Gorgeous little kid! Enjoy! I know from your way of telling about him you do!

Kim said...

such a handsome little one. Looks like he had the perfect shirt on for building things too