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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Pasties for Father's day.

We had pasties for dinner tonight. They were a joint effort between a bunch of us here at Rosemary Hill. Three types of fillings, two types of pastry and about 50 to 60 pasties. (There were quite a few of us! And we all love leftovers.) We had chicken, pork and vegie pasties, lamb and vegie pasties, and beef, bacon, cheese and vegie pasties. We started out with sheets of puff pastry and when they ran out Mrs 25 made some shortcrust pastry to finish up with. She and Miss 13 were pastie builders extraordinaire! They tasted wonderful. My favourite vegies for pasties are carrot, sweet potato and zucchini, which my Bradley grated up for me with the trusty food processor. See, a joint effort.

There was no sewing here this weekend. Sad, but true. Yesterday we went for a drive to see water. We have had some wild weather here this weekend with plenty of rain and the creeks are rushing with water. Dams are overflowing and there is lots of water! Doesn't happen that often here so I was keen to get out and about to see it. There have been rooves off, trees down, and blackouts. Not very serious fortunately and I can still hear the cars outside swooshing on a wet road. (I love rain!)


Lorraine said...

Oh I love the sound of cars swooshing on the wet road...and the sound of rain on the roof....glad the wind has died down...that wasn't fun at all..we were lucky and didn't have any power outages yesterday or today....we are twins indeed! Loving the look of those pasties! I made a slow cooker dinner for Mark and I.....he bought Lexi so there was puppy play! Rose is the ideal quilting assistant.....

Karen said...

I would love to try one of your pasties. I was reading about pasties just last night in the book I just started.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Your pasties look delicious and some of those combinations sound wonderful.

It's been such a wild wet weekend hasnt it? I wanted to toss some painting into my weekend but since that had to be done outside that was not to be!

And didnt you have a sew-fest during the week? You probably earned a little R and R this weekend.

Amanda said...

I thought I was going to get stuck on Port Road on Friday the cars were crawling and the water was up to the car doors. Eventually the traffic started to move and I got out of the big puddle, the medium strip of Port Road was a lake in some spots. Serious rain..

Jo-Anne said...

Hmmmm. I had forgotten how much I loved pasties....haven't had them for about...oh...30 yrs now. If you have a recipe I would love to make them for my family!
Also wanted to let you know I LOVE your 1930's quilt. I recently made one with repro fabrics too. I adore the fabric! :)
Hope all is well-