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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Kitchen Tea

A pink theme

Miss 13, granddaughter, picklesticks, my Mum, future DIL

My Mum, granddaughter, picklesticks

Miss 13

Miss 18

We have a wedding in three weeks time. Mr 21 (child number 3) is getting married. Today was his sweetheart's kitchen tea. Miss 20 and Miss 24 had prior engagements, but it was a gathering of most of my girls. Now, back to the sewing!


Mary said...

what a pretty group - must a been a very nice day.

Suzanne said...

Great family photos! Is a kitchen tea like a bridal shower/party?

JO said...

Hi Kris,lovely photos of your girls and you must be excited, weddings are fun arent they?

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

That's a good looking family you have there Kris.

less than three weeks to the wedding. Things going to get crazy at your place arent they?

Maree: said...

I Love Weddings...Hope all the Plans are coming along Nicely...

nicolette said...

Great pictures! Kitchen tea, how wonderful! Is that a tradition? In Holland girl friends of the bride to be organize a maiden party and they have all kinds of tricks and treats.