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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Hot water bottle cover

This is the sum total of this weeks sewing. Picklesticks knitted this hot water bottle cover some time ago and tonight I sewed it up. I use hot water bottles to help with my arthritis (Man, I am sooooo old. Silver hair and arthritis!) so figured I could use a cover! I have been in a sewing funk this week and decided I needed to rearrange my sewing room. (I think that's called procrastination!) So, I have been rearranging furniture. And sorting through stuff. Not quite finished yet! I am off to sit and sew at the patchwork apple tomorrow. I might take my civil war homework with me because class is on Saturday!


Mary said...

Oh I feel ya with the arthritis! It's going to rain later today so of course I woke up with my knee feeling like it's going to blow up and my arms are killing me! I was popping my drugs by 7:15 AM! ugh arthritis! I like the cover for the hot water bottle. I don't own one - maybe I need one. For my arms, knees, and neck (see I'm older than dirt!) I made these bags (pretty fabric/batting/muslin fabric) that are filled about half way with white rice. You sew it all closed and then you microwave it for 1 1/2 minutes on high and it holds the heat and because it's rice you can kind of wrap it around your arm/knee/neck etc (mine have cord handles on each end). I made 4 of them about 5 years ago and love them! But I must warn you - they don't smell so great - you could add lavender to it I guess - but they feel so good that it's worth it!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

That's almost Crows colours. Was that subliminal?

It must be the week for re-jigging sewing rooms. I finally got into mine and did something so I could actually find things in there!

Way to go on the hot water bottle finish.

Lorraine said...

I reorganised/sorted my sewing room last weekend....I need to finish a couple of things and the room was such a mess there was no way I could sew in there....I was going to do my CW filler blocks tonight...but just remembered I am working...yay....and my beloved 'pies on playing in the prelim final.....so maybe no stitching tonight....hope you have a great afternoon at the Apple..!