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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Blogger has twisted my photos again!!!

In order to view my log cabin blocks you will have to turn your laptop (or monitor) on it's side. I'll wait while you do that. . . . . . . Back again? I have been working on the log cabin blocks this week. 48 were required and today I finished the 48th. It did become a bit samey, but I was pretty excited when I got close to the 48th block. Then Loz pointed out that there were 120 flying geese units to be made for the border. I haven't made any yet. *sigh*

Oh! And did you know? It's September! Which is spring for us. Not that today was very springlike. Yesterday had a warmth in the air that said spring, but today was cool and eventually raining. Not that I am sad about that. Warm weather will be here soon enough and not long after that it will be TOO hot. September will be a busy month here at Rosemary Hill. Early in October Mr 21 gets married so September has lots of wedding preparations coming up. But for now, I just want to sew!


Tracey said...

they look good this way up too :-)

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Darn that Loz for raining on your parade. Spoil Sport.

I think you've done a brilliant job of getting all these done in record time. And they look so good!

Frances Leate said...

Those log cabin blocks look good from every direction. It wasn't a nice Spring day here either - warm but grey and drizzly. Happy stitching!

Suzanne said...

You are the Super Sewing Queen lately...wonderful projects!

Lorraine said...

Hey.....didn't mean to rain on your parade ...ooo I feel bad now...Mwahahahahah....which means of course that I don't really! My block count is still at 15...table runner anyone?

Jantine said...

Maybe you could have alternated the log cabins and flying geese when you would have seen it earlier? Maybe you can think of another block to alternate the flying geese with. Or make the flying geese as leader-enders?

nicolette said...

Lovely log cabin blocks and they look good to me this way! 120 flying geese units? Oh My Dear.... good luck!

September sounds like an exciting month for your family!