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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tablerunner progress

I'm up to quilting this table runner. I managed to quilt the border today and am planning to free motion the center tomorrow. Or some other day in the future. I always seem to get so busy! Quilting is magical. It always feels so different once you start to quilt. Many years ago I bought a wonderful book by Lee Cleland called "Quilting Makes the Quilt". Great book, brilliant title. Quilting really does make the quilt!

Hopefully I will finish the table runner in the next couple of days. I have been thinking about OPAM. (One Project A Month) It has been really valuable for me to be a part of OPAM. I guess I am someone who needs a shove every now and then! The most finishes I have managed in a month has been three. At the beginning of each month I think I will get more finishes this month. And then I don't. So this new month (July? Can you believe it's July?) I figured I should make more of a plan than thinking in bold italics. (I will.) I figure that I can get four finishes this month (I know, I'm not very ambitious at all!) if I make sure I get one finish a week. So, tomorrow is the 7th and.............. the table runner is almost finished! I have another table runner on the go and a shaggy quilt part done too, so, how hard could it be? And I've just written a blog post about it. More pressure! Good pressure though. Watch this space. I might just finish something. I might just finish four things!


Katherine said...

Okay, I going to be cheering you on to make FOUR finishes this month, Kris! You're off to a great start with this tablerunner. I can't wait to see how you quilt it.

Happy sewing!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Not sure where the months have gone Kris....3 finishes I think that is pretty good per month ....that means 36 for the year, now thats not bad......love the look of your table runner, can't wait to see it all completed...I think you can do 4, no problem...

Anonymous said...

That is going to be a beautiful, fresh and fun table runner.
Happy quilting

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Well Kris, you are doing better than me, I still have a few UFOs that I should finish one day. I like the randomness of the strips on the table runner. I also quite like the red fabric under it as well.

Copper Patch said...

Go for FOUR!!! Woo hoo :o)

nicolette said...

Four finishes, oh my dear, you are doing way better than me.

I love your happy Provence table-runner! Love those fabrics!