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Friday, 9 July 2010

School holidays = Hair Braiding

This week was the first week of the school holidays here in Adelaide. It has gone by so quickly. These holidays mark the end of semester one, so all those at school are digesting or awaiting results. It also means that it is a real break, because there is no homework! (Semester two hasn't started yet) Fake hair extensions from "Cheap As Chips" inspired the braiding going on at our house. What do you do in the school holidays?


Mary said...

You'll have to show a photo when it's finished.

joolzmac said...

As always,I work. When you own your own business that's what usually happens. My girls sleep late, eat me out of house and home, tend not to tidy up too much which gets me mad. They don't hang out laundry or bring it in.....

I am working 9-5 in the second week of the holidays which thrills me no end. :(

Cheers (?) - Joolz

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

When I saw that hank of hair I thought "who has had a haircut" and then I read further and all became clear. I don't worry about the school holidays, everyday is like a holiday (well, nearly everyday)

Levin said...

well, we are not braiding hair because we all have short hair, but we are still having fun :)
i love the table runner in the post below - you've given me ideas for my table runner now :)