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Sunday, 18 November 2012

What are your daisies in the lawn?

I like daisies in the lawn. I must do, because I have lots of photos of them! These are near the doctor's surgery and I can't resist snapping them every time we visit. Aren't digital cameras amazing? Even when I don't have a camera with me I have a camera with me (my phone) and I take many photos of daisies in the lawn. What do you snap with your phone camera? I'm not sure whether daisies in the lawn are a feature of Melbourne footpaths only, or whether I just ignored them when I lived in Adelaide. Anyway, they seem to be everywhere this year and I love to take photos of them!


Lotti said...

I just love daisies in the grass. I love daisies full stop. They are so pretty. I think we all take photos of the things that we like. I love taking photos of trees, flowers, nature in general and have lots of photos of those type of things.

Pip said...

I love daisies too, I don't like the bees that sometimes like the daisies, especially when said bees sting me :( (think barefoot dancing on the lawn)

I love my camera in my phone too, although I often forget about it and go to grab my big camera, I often snap labels of products so I can find what I am looking for in the supermarket.

Joolz said...

We don't have those daisys in lawns down this way but I did spy some in Strahan, Tasmania and thought they looked lovely. Something about a daisy, they are always sunshiny and happy.

Cheers - Joolz