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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I keep saying...

... that I don't like half square triangles. And then I sew some more. I chose some fabric for my Mum's gift today. A piece that my grandson and granddaughter had drawn and some Kaffe Fassett. How could I go wrong? My Mum loves those grandchildren of mine and Kaffe Fassett. It has to be a winner. I'm still not sure what I am making, but I started cutting this afternoon and sewing this evening. Maxim18 wondered how I could cut when I had no clue what I was making. I wasn't sure how to answer him. All I knew was that I was making half square triangles, which have since turned into zig zags. Anyway, it's too late now to make any sort of decision I think. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I am grateful for all your thoughts, and I'm still pondering them! Off to bed I think.

tonight's efforts


Shay said...

You're being guided by some secret inner force Kris. Just go with it !

Pip said...

You could say "I am an artist, I don't need to know"

looks as if your mojo has started coming back :)

Lotti said...

I'm sure an idea will come to you and I'm also sure that your mum is going to love it.

leanne said...

how can you say you don't like half square triangles - you are so good at them - just look at my gorgeous pillow :)