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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I might have been to the Spotlight sale...

my haul
Do you have family traditions? We do. One of them is that if you have to do something hard, then you get to do something fun immediately after. Sometimes the fun thing is just coming home. (That's what Lily chose to do after her year 12 exam yesterday.) Today Sophie had to do something hard (don't you hate doctors' visits?) so we decided to hit the Spotlight sale. This morning Dolores suggested that I get some backing fabric for one of my do. Good Stitches quilts that I need to finish from the sale. So I thought, "why not?". Sophie managed to find some beads, I managed to get three quilting fabrics (30% off), one dress fabric (30% off), six packages of bias binding (25% off), and one spool of thread (25% off). So that's the sum total of today's crafting so far. Purchases. Off to the sewing room!

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Q said...

Very Jealous about your sale buys! I am trying to stop myself from adding to my stash until I have at least a few more finishes, but I really wanted some 30% off fabric. Quite like that green one with the leaves, cute!