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Monday, 26 November 2012

Lost Mojo

Losing your mojo right before a handmade Christmas is a bit of a disaster. Ok. Completely disastrous actually. This is what I am doing today. Getting a Birthday gift together for my Mum. (She doesn't have the internet at her house, so I'm safe-ish showing you this. Just as long as she doesn't pop to the library or visit a kindly relative!)

My Mum loves pretty tins, so I thought this one was a winner. And today I am sitting here looking at it, trying to decide what to put in it! It did come with shortbread, but since Mum has celiac disease (no wheat products allowed) I ditched the shortbread and was thinking I would sew a little pretty something and put it in the tin. So far I've got nothing! Suggestions welcome!


Joolz said...

Make her a couple of quilted pot holders and buy some gluten free shortbread (I am sure you can get it).

Cheers - Joolz

Pip said...

That is disastrous if you have lost your mojo, hope it comes back soon. That is such a cute tin, maybe you could fill it up with something that she is allowed, candied nuts maybe (Charlesworths have a good selection)

Dina said...

How about a few quilted ornaments. Some small star blocks would do the trick! Dark blue or black background with silver and/or gold stars would be pretty.

Khris78 said...

What about a pretty apron ?? Hope your mojo returns quickly :))

Shay said...

What about making it a baking tin with some pretty patty pans, a few cookie cutters, mini loaf tins (perfect for when she wants to make GF cakes) and some cute toppers.

Or you could do a mini sewing basket?

Two Wednesdays said...

I second the potholders - or perhaps a zipped pouch (you can never have too many zipped pouches)

Q said...

I agree with never having too many zippered pouches, I like the spectacles/sunglasses cosies - Is she a gadget mum? I-pad or Kindle cover? One of those over the armchair organisers for projects. I've also seen some patchy frames, you could make a few and fill them with family photos?