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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My view today...

... fashion is a funny thing. I think maybe permed hair is slightly more in fashion than it was? Maybe not. Last time I permed someone's hair the chemicals were quite difficult to find, but I had no trouble yesterday. It's just occurred to me that I'm in a different city now and maybe that is the difference. My mother is a hairdresser and growing up I watched her perm hundreds of heads of hair. And cut hundreds of heads of hair. So now I feel quite comfortable cutting and perming hair. Of course, she did teach me and guide me through my first few haircuts. In fact I became her personal hairdresser. Lily has quite fine, greasy teenager hair. She is sick of it being so greasy. Having both curly and straight haired people in our family we know that it takes curly hair longer to be too greasy so she thought she would have a perm. (Her first ever) This morning I have been perming hair. Our Jess (picklesticks) is visiting too and she has the same kind of hair and is thinking maybe she will have a perm later this week too. It looks like it will be a hairdressing kind of week.


Joolz said...

Oh, the dreaded home perm! Can't say I've had a homey, but I have had plenty of perms!
They are back in fashion so 'you go, girls!'

Pictures please!

Lotti said...

Clever Lady ..... good at hairdressing too ...... I'm impressed.

Shay said...

We definitely need after photos Kris.

Is there no end to your talents? What lose can you do that we don't know about!