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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Morning

I'm having a great Sunday Morning here. Well, as great as it can be when you wake up with every joint in your body aching. Mr 18 woke up complaining of this yesterday morning so I'm blaming him. This morning Miss 15 and my Bradley have woken up variously complaining of the same thing. Now, lest this turn into a whinge session, let me just tell you that I love days like this. Not the feeling unwell bit, but the feeling unwell enough that you cancel your regular commitments. So, today is cancelled! (Thank you Mr 18! *said without a hint of sarcasm*) And I am mooching around. In front of the sewing machine, in front of the computer, on my bed...  ...you get the picture! There are soooo many pretty pictures on the internet at the moment, so much inspiration! So I thought I would share some with you.

"modern vintage" zig zags
The first one is what I am sewing at the moment. Love this fabric range! This little piece of patchwork is part of my care group swap. (Shhh, it's a secret!) I'm hoping to post it off Monday or Tuesday. And here's a list of links to other pretty photos I have been looking at today!

  1. Annette's pretty hexie flowers here.
  2. Katy's quilt from the Fat Quarterly Book here.
  3. Q's minature apothecary chest here. (It's so tiny and awesome!)
  4. Joolz's photo a days here.
  5. Everything Peg makes ever here. (She makes so much!)
  6. Shontelle's gorgeous quilts, including this one here.
  7. Leanne's gorgeous photography and sewing here. (Check out those seagulls!)
Of course I have been surfing around much more than that, but that will keep you busy! Have a great day!


Dolores said...

Your zig zags are gorgeous!

Q said...

Thanks for mentioning me, Love your fabrics they are totally awesome!

You should see the chest now! It's all steampunkie goodness. We have just finished cutting out the floor and walls and I am resizing the template I need to do the floor so will be updating soon

Hope you get better soon

Jindi's Cottage said...

Loving the zig zags...I'm seeing a few around at the moment and it is making me a bit new project itchy...but I must resist!

Aw shucks, thanks for the shout out :) I'm going to have to go visit - yay! new people to visit! :)

Hope you are feeling better soon - cancelling the day what a fabulous idea, hope it worked and the germs have taken the hint to move on.

Shontelle said...

Your zig zags are looking the goods. I am working on something similiar with some scraps from another project. I will hopefully have something to show later in the week.

Thanks for mentioning me...I was having a bad day and got a real little thrill when I saw my name on your list of pretty things. I'm glad you cancelled your day - you made mine better. xx

Lotti said...

Love the colours and I love the Zig Zag too .... really really nice. I've been having one of those days too ..... sinus pain and it's driving me nuts. I had to work this morning, but then headed back home and back to bed all day. Finishing off my crocheted rug .... on and off, when I wasn't half asleep. Almost finished now. Just a few more rows to do and then sewing in the threads ... then thinking I'll do a piqot (??) stitch around the edge. Loving being in my bed today .... warm and cosy. Hope you feel better soon. Take care xoxo