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Friday, 15 June 2012

Favourite Things Friday

We are still having lots of fun here with our grandchildren. It's mostly all fun and games! Making tents, going to playgrounds and giggling. A lot.

It is also a birthday week here with Miss 25 finally turning the ripe old age of 116. Yes, for those in the know, that is Finn the human and Jake the dog sitting on top of her cake. She may be 116, but she is still a huge cartoon fan and her current favourite is "Adventure Time". (Embarrassingly, we couldn't find my stash of birthday cake candles. I am generally quite an organised person. The candles live in a snap lock bag in the party box which lives in the pantry. When we went to retrieve them, they weren't there. Just the number candles which are in a separate snap lock bag - of course! We decided then that Miss 25 was crazy enough to be thrilled by the 116 on top of her cake. (It's sort of 26!)  So we made her be 116.)

My favourite thing this Friday is kids. Well, I guess that you could all pretty much guess that. You don't get to be the mother of eight children without liking kids. Not these days anyway. And I do like kids. Well, mostly my own. I was not one of those teenagers who carried other people's children around or even babysat other people's children. I was one of those teenagers who thought that I probably wouldn't get married, and that if I did I might have just one child. To see what it was like of course. Once I did get married and had produced Mrs 27, I quite liked the having babies thing. I liked my kids a lot. Being a mother of small children was a lot of fun. I nick-named them my entourage (yeah, closest I'll ever be to being a rock star) and we hung out 24/7. Now that they are all growing up it is quite strange. As of today, they are 27, 26, 23, 22, 20, 18, 15 and 11. I still mostly have an entourage (yeah, still rock star!) and am about to leave right now with some of them. Hope you have a great Friday!!!


Lotti said...

Love your photos .... oh that baby girl is so gorgeous. Having kids is the best, says this mother of 5 children. Yep, love being a mum, despite the challenges.

thea said...

nice favorite .. I like kids too! I have five of them .. congratulations!

Sarah said...

That is great!

You have a good weekend to Kris : o )

Nanci said...

Cute FTF...my daughter has two children, but she loved babies, which is how she quit her job, started home daycare and 20 years later, babies still make her sigh. She loved them and when the oldest of the babies gets to be about three, she starts putting the word out that she needs a baby!
Every Christmas, she has a little party for all her daycare kids of 20 years. It is a wild party. All the memories of them. They all call me Nana...I love them too.

Kate said...

Great favorite!

Cynthia L. said...

What pretty babies! I always knew I wanted one child and that is just what I had. I used to think I liked all kids, till mine was grown. Now I am not so sure! I am looking forward to be a grandma though! Great post.

Janice said...

I too was never crazy about other peoples children. Love my own to distraction, more so now that thy have given me twelve lovely grandchildren Love your pictures and the 116 story is very amusing. Sounds like something that would happen at my house. Mom is a little strange you know. Just ask my children.

Shay said...

I love kids too but I bet you could have guessed that since I work with them day in and day out. They just say and do the funniest things. I love watching how their minds work. And there is something very special about grandchildren too.

Your story about Miss 116 made me laugh . Sounds like something we'd do here at Maison Pyjamas! Happy Birthday Miss 26.