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Thursday, 14 June 2012

A knitted dinosaur (and a hat!)

Miss 15 has been having exams. She has enjoyed her exams a lot, because all her exams were in the first few days which has meant she has had time to knit. Yesterday she produced a dinosaur, which is very cute.

And the day before she finished this hat. It's for a little head, so she couldn't model it. Fortunately we have models on tap here at the moment.

Here is the hat on a model. She looks like she thinks she needs to raise her hand to model the hat (Like Miss 15), but she is really telling me to go away. She quite likes my sewing room and there is a takeover looming I believe!


Daisy Jayne said...

How sweet...... love the model photo... little cutie.... Miss 15 might have the start of a small business staring

Lorraine said...

What a talented bunch you are! Gotta watch out for takeovers.....even if they don't look hostile!